About Us

Premier Ag Inc., is a family-owned and operated agricultural business that serves the Central Coast and beyond.  Based out of Paso Robles, we provide a full-range of products and services which include soil amendments and spreading services, custom farming, as well as hay and feed solutions.

Our Roots

Glen McWilliams, owner of Premier Ag, is the great-great grandson of an Arroyo Grande farmer.  A love for farming has been passed down through six generations of local farmers.  Like most farmer’s sons, Glen was driving tractors at an early age.  As a youth, he was using his hard-earned, first tractor to work for neighbors.  In keeping with his heritage and experience, Glen decided to incorporate his own farming and hay operation in 1994.

Over the course of the past 21 years, the business has grown and expanded.  Glen attributes his success to adaptation to changing markets, good old-fashioned hard work and excellent customer service. “Our clients are more than just clients.  They’re part of our community.  And our community is like family.  We care about our clients.  We care about our client’s animals.  We care about our client’s crops.  We want to see them succeed.”  At Premier Ag, they take time to get to know the customer and find out what their needs are, then they tailor a product solution to fit those needs.

We’re Ranchers

Glen, along with his wife Ann and their two children, lead a busy life in Paso Robles, California.  Not only are they providers of agriculture services, they are consumers.  Glen incorporated his love for bucking bulls into the business. Their experience and knowledge of the hay and feed industry has resulted in some top-notch animal athletes.  They regularly travel throughout the western United States with their award-winning bucking bulls where they participate in a variety of events, including the PBR! When they aren’t taking care of their customers, the family is taking care of their own bucking bulls, horses, and cattle herd, as well as growing their own dryland hay.

We’re Farmers

Because we’re farmers, Premier Ag realizes the level of importance that soil and water quality play in crop production.  We provide soil analysis and solutions for growers all along the Central Coast and in the Central Valley.  Premier Ag sells compost, gypsum and other soil and water amendments.  We render our services, both on a large and small scale, for applications in orchards, row crops, and vineyards.  Our custom spreading operation is kept busy most of the year, traveling from the Oxnard area to the Modesto area and throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Quality is Our Priority

Premier Ag realizes the importance of providing quality products for animals at a price that doesn’t empty the pocketbooks.  In June of 2015, Glen decided to take the business one step further by opening a retail outlet in Paso Robles.  “Because we’re consumers, we realize the importance of having quality hay and feed for animals.  Like anything in life, you only get out what you put in;  superior feed produces superior results.” That’s why all of Premier Ag’s hay is professionally analyzed.  Whether you have a performance horse with high protein needs or an older horse with specific fiber needs, Premier Ag can help you make the best choice for your animal.  Nutrition reports for all hay types can be found here or in our store.